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A Journal of Zarjaz Things

fueled 24 hours a day by high-octane betelgusian thrillpower

The Hipster Dad

"One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel."


Realizing that the show-going people of this country appreciate their efforts to present the best possible acts obtainable, regardless of expense, the theatre managers have instructed their foreign agents to procure for them the most startling novelties from abroad, and, as a result of their negotiations, KAR-MI, Prince of Mystery, will appear here with the most astonishing entertainment ever placed before the public.

KAR-MI, Grand High Priest of the SJOS-IG-WARI, that fanatical sect of conjurers and spirit workers known as the IDRA-JAD-BANJOLA, or Supreme Masters of Life and Death (on account of their being able to feign death for weeks even months at a time), was first brought to the notice of prominent scientists throughout the world, by having performed this incredible feat during the great Indian Durbar.

I'm the Hipster Dad. The nickname was given to me by a clerk at Wuxtry Records, but she probably calls lots of guys in their thirties who come in with their kids to buy PJ Harvey albums that. I live in the Hipster Pad with two super-spectacular kids - one twelve and one two months - and one super-spectacular wife.

After some years of living the suburban single father life, I up and married my longtime friend lyneidas in the spring of 2009. (You can read all about it in three parts.) She and I met some fifteen years previously, in our nation's finest city, Athens, G.A., where we can still be found every month or so buyin' comics, eatin' barbecue and preparing for our next roadtrippin' assault on the nation's highways.

"Friends" Only: This is a public Livejournal. I only use a filter for Movie Night invitations. Please respect the pseudonyms of my children, who are referred to as "the Hipster Baby" and "the Hipster Daughter." Thanks.

These days, I really don't use LiveJournal for much more than letting people know when I have updated one of my other blogs. The shine went off when everybody up and left for Facebook, I guess. Seemed more important back then. That said, new readers are always welcome, and new friends especially so!

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